The Miz wasn't kidding about his desire to play Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat 2, making it clear in a new video clip that getting the role would be "a dream come true." When the Mortal Kombat reboot was released in theaters and on HBO Max last month, the fan favorite fighter Johnny Cage was referenced, but he did not physically appear. If a sequel gets made, the master of the Shadow Kick will more than likely be featured in a main role.

Because the potential sequel is not in production, Johnny Cage is a role that hasn't been officially cast. On Twitter, 2-time WWE Champion The Miz has teased his possible casting as Johnny after many wrestling fans suggested him for the part. As far back as February, months before Mortal Kombat's release, the pro wrestling star tweeted for the producers to "talk to my agent." After its release, The Miz tweeted fan art of himself as Johnny Cage to further tease his casting.

It would appear that The Miz really wants to play Johnny Cage, but is this his wrestling character speaking, or is it the performer? Recently approached by TMZ to speak more candidly about his potential Mortal Kombat 2 casting, the man who once pinned John Cena at WrestleMania to defend the WWE Championship made it much more clear that he's 100% on board to take the role and give it his all if he's lucky enough to get the call.

"Honestly ... if I have a shot at it, I would definitely want to make sure that I give everything that I possibly can to make sure that not only the production company, the director are happy with the character that I get, but also the fans because they are the ones that are so adamant about Johnny Cage being in the movie. This is an iconic character in the Mortal Kombat franchise and it needs to be done right. If I'm the person to do it, then so be it. I'm ready to go!"

The Miz, who has also starred in movies like The Marine 3-6 and Christmas Bounty, would also see playing Johnny Cage as a full-circle moment for him, as he has fond memories of playing as the popular character in the original video games of the 1990s.

"I remember playing this game when I was a kid. Sega Genesis, I would never play Super Nintendo because it didn't have the blood, but I always played the Sega Genesis version and I remember playing as Johnny Cage. And, to see this kinda all happen, it'd be like a dream come true."

The Miz is a popular candidate many fans want to see land the role of Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat 2, but he's not the only one. Kano actor Josh Lawson says his pal Sonic the Hedgehog star James Marsden would be a perfect Johnny Cage, and many fans out there agreed with his opinion. Others have called for Ryan Reynolds to get the part, and the Deadpool star even tweeted an image of himself as Johnny Cage in the video game to promote Mint Mobile.

In any case, there's no guarantee anybody will be playing the next Johnny Cage, as Mortal Kombat 2 still hasn't been greenlit. Director Simon McQuoid has said that it's up to the fans to decide if the sequel will be made, suggesting that decision hinders on the success of the first movie. The video game adaptation did draw in big numbers at the box office and on HBO Max, but reviews were mixed, leaving the future of the potential franchise hanging in the air. This news comes to us from TMZ.