WWE Champion The Miz wants to play Johnny Cage in a potential Mortal Kombat} sequel, and a lot of wrestling fans are on board with the idea. Last week, the first trailer arrived for the new Mortal Kombat ahead of its release in April. One of the big takeaways that a lot of longtime fans of the series gleaned from the trailer is that popular fighter Johnny Cage wasn't featured, and the character's name was trending as thousands of fans asked where he was.

If Johnny Cage doesn't end up appearing in the Mortal Kombat movie, he could potentially appear in a sequel. Many wrestling fans suggested Miz for the role on Twitter, capturing the attention of the WWE superstar himself. With one fan asking why Miz isn't playing Johnny Cage, the wrestler joked that he's "been working on my splits ball bunch."

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Another fan tweeted a GIF of Miz in shades looking a lot like Johnny Cage, suggesting something like this should be used as a post-credit scene to bring in the character. In response to that tweet, Miz replied: "Appreciating all the Johnny Cage love. #MortalKombat talk to my agent."

Miz teasing himself for the role had many WWE fans in agreement that the potential casting was perfect. One fan responded, "OMG the Miz as Johnny Cage would be the BEST casting ever for an #MortalKombatMovie someone at #WWE make the calls for this to happen."

"Hey but honestly the miz as Johnny cage is the most perfect casting choice since Reynolds as Deadpool," another tweet reads.

"The more I think about @mikethemiz as Johnny Cage, the more confused I get as to why WB didn't think to cast him in #MortalKombatMovie," another WWE fan pondered after watching the Mortal Kombat trailer. "Post credit scene, the Miz as Johnny arrives at the island, in full suit + fur coat w/ Gucci luggage and says 'I know I'm late, what'd I miss.'"

Posting a side-by-side comparison of the two, another tweet states, "Mortal Kombat and Warner Brothers need to stop playing around and cast The Miz to play Johnny Cage."

Since the Johnny Cage campaign, Miz has made himself an even bigger star in WWE. Just days after these comments, Miz won the WWE Championship by pinning Drew McIntyre at the Elimination Chamber event on Sunday. Some fans are theorizing that his title win will help him grab the role, with one fan guessing, "Aye The Miz might really be Johnny Cage in The MK movie. WWE just put the Strap back on him."

Another wrestling fan writes: "Not only does The Miz deserve to be the Champ but he also deserves to be Johnny Cage too if MK has a sequel."

It's not hard to see why so many WWE fans think Miz would make a perfect Johnny Cage. The two have a similar look and attitude, which includes Miz frequently showboating and wearing sunglasses indoors. Like Johnny, Miz has also appeared in several movies, which includes the starring role in The Marine 3-6. He also starred in the holiday movies Christmas Bounty and Santa's Little Helper and appeared as himself in Fighting with My Family.

Miz fans shouldn't get too excited about the WWE Champion playing Johnny Cage just yet. Although he was nowhere to be seen in the trailer, it's still possible he'll make a special appearance in the movie. One popular theory is that Lewis Tan's original character will adopt the name as a stage name, while other fans think he'll pop up towards the end or in a post-credit scene to help set up the inevitable sequel. In any case, we'll all find out when Mortal Kombat is released in theaters and on HBO Max on April 16, 2021.