The cast for the Mortal Kombat reboot continues to grow, as two new cast members have boarded the project in key roles. It's been revealed that Hiroyuki Sanada is set to portray Scorpion in the reboot, with Chin Han on board as the villainous Shang Tsung. They join an increasingly full cast that will bring the characters of the beloved video game franchise to life on the big screen in the modern, R-rated take on this immensely popular property.

According to a new report, both Chin Han and Hiroyuki Sanada have signed on for the movie. Mortal Kombat is currently in pre-production. Filming is expected to take place in Australia later this year, with horror master and blockbuster maestro James Wan (The Conjuring, Aquaman) on board to produce. Simon McQuoid, who is known mostly for his commercial work, is set to make his feature directorial debut. Greg Russo, who is also attached to the Resident Evil reboot, penned the screenplay.

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Hiroyuki Sanada is known for his work in movies such as The Twilight Samurai and The Wolverine. More recently, he appeared rather memorably, albeit briefly, in Avengers: Endgame. The actor is currently shooting Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead. This adds yet another high-profile project to his resume. Chris Casamassa previously portrayed Scorpion in the 1995 Mortal Kombat movie. Chin Han, meanwhile, has also starred in his fair share of blockbusters, such as The Dark Knight and last year's Skyscraper. He also had a recurring role on Arrow and Netflix's Marco Polo. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa portrayed Shang Tsung in the prior live-action adaptation.

The cast already includes Joe Taslim as Sub-Zero, Ludi Lin as Liu Kang, Jessica McNamee as Sonya Blade, Josh Lawson as Kano, Tadanobu Asano as Raiden, Mehcad Brooks as Jax, Sisi Stringer as Mileena and Lewis Tan, whose role hasn't been disclosed. While it's clear Warner Bros. doesn't feel they need a lot of big-name star power for this one, it's equally clear they're leaning heavily on classic characters from the long-running series. For some time, it remained largely mysterious which fighters were going to make the trip to the big screen this time around. Now, the lineup is starting to take shape. Several characters such as Johnny Cage haven't been confirmed just yet, but there's still time to cast those roles before production gets up and running.

In recent years, Hollywood has finally started to crack the code on video game movies with Rampage, Detective Pikachu and, rather amazingly, The Angry Birds Movie 2, getting much closer to finding the winning formula. In this case, the filmmakers are hoping to tap into that same Deadpool energy and craft something bloody, R-rated and fun that can further break the video game movie curse. We'll be sure to keep you posted as further details on the project are made available. Mortal Kombat is set to arrive in theaters on March 5, 2021. This news comes to us via Variety.