BossLogic is at it again with his take on the Mortal Kombat franchise. This time, the artist imagines Michael Fassbender as Raiden, Dwayne Johnson as Shao Kahn, and Chris Pratt as Johnny Cage. The artist has been hard at work on his new series after learning about the latest customization feature in the upcoming Mortal Kombat 11 game, which is set to release in April. BossLogic recently did versions of Keanu Reeves, Gal Gadot, and Terry Crews for the iconic franchise.

Michael Fassbender is Raiden in the latest Mortal Kombat art from BossLogic. Raiden has been included in nearly every game of the series and was included in the 1995 big screen adaptation, played by Christopher Lambert. While the R-rated reboot seems to be in limbo at the moment, BossLogic's wish list art has been turning some heads and raising excitement. Terry Crews caught wind of his version as Jax and was very impressed with what he saw, noting that he'd love to star in the movie and one could imagine that Fassbender would be on board too.

Up next, BossLogic imagined Dwayne Johnson as Shao Kahn for his Mortal Kombat series. Even though the character wears a mask that hides half of his face, the artwork is done in a way where you can tell that it's Johnson under there. One could easily imagine the action super star taking part in a new Mortal Kombat movie, if he can find the time in his insanely busy schedule. Johnson recently wrapped production on the Hobbs & Shaw movie and is diving headfirst into Jumanji 2.

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And last up, BossLogic drew up a version of Chris Pratt as Johnny Cage. This is one that seems slightly out of place in the artist's latest Mortal Kombat series. Pratt has the talent, but it's hard to imagine him in this style of movie. Nevertheless, the artist has created an awesome portrait that makes the actor look perfect for the Johnny Cage part. Obviously, this is just some fun that BossLogic is having, but his art makes one want to see all of these A-list actors appear in a Mortal Kombat reboot.

As for the R-rated Mortal Kombat reboot that has been talked about for a while, James Wan left after he didn't feel that the script was right. Simon McQuaid is currently attached as director, but the movie appears to have hit a snag. The original 1995 movie is regarded as one of the better video game adaptations, but the second is hailed as one of the worst movies in the history of film. While we wait to receive news on the reboot, we can sit back and look at what BossLogic has created and hope that it gets done as he imagines it. You can check out the latest Mortal Kombat art below, thanks to BossLogic's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick