A Jezebel article lamenting the absence of Street Fighter character Chun-Li in the Mortal Kombat trailer has gotten the internet running wild, and even the popular digital artist BossLogic got in on the fun. On Thursday, the Mortal Kombat trailer was released, giving fans a first look at many of the game's most popular characters. Confusing Mortal Kombat with Street Fighter, the Jezebel piece asks who forgot to invite Chun-Li, and the internet had a field day in response.

Because the two fighting video game franchises are so similar, the mix-up is not difficult to understand. Some are also suggesting that the article may have deliberately confused the two just to troll the internet. In any case, people on social media couldn't help but poke fun at the situation, and hours after the article went live, Chun-Li was trending on social media. Perhaps the most amusing response post comes from BossLogic who went so far as to give Chun-Li her own Mortal Kombat character poster.

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"Bro you're mistaken," reads another reply to the original article's Street Fighter goof on Twitter. "Chun-Li started out as a young Jedi from Enterprise. After that, she continued as an Agent of Shield in Iron Man 2. She'll finally be chopping heads off in Shang Chi."

"She's clearly from Mega Man 13! Duh," another reply read, including a "screenshot" of Chun-Li in the game.

Posting a photo of Link, another tweet says, "I can't believe they didn't add Zelda either."

"She has a point I mean where is Lara Croft for that matter??" writes journalist Kim Horcher. "Where are Ellie and Sephiroth?? And what kind of stupid Mortal Kombat movie doesn't have Pikachu in it I ask?????"

Similarly, Mortal Kombat fans have also been wondering where Johnny Cage could be. Unlike Chun-Li, Johnny is a major character from the Mortal Kombat games and was played by Linden Ashby in the original live-action movie. As he's long been one of the franchise's most popular fighters, Johnny Cage was also trending on Twitter as thousands of gamers lamented his absence.

If this were a new Street Fighter movie, it would certainly be fair for fans to ask about Chun-Li. The character has been a fan favorite with gamers since first appearing in Street Fighter II in the 1990s, still appearing in the franchise's various sequels to this day. She has also been featured on the big screen on two separate occasions, first played by Ming-Na Wen in the 1994 Street Fighter adaptation and again by Kristin Kreuk in 2009's Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li.

Following the social media response, the Jezebel piece has since been updated to acknowledge the mix-up, with the outlet noting that they have "discovered the answer to our question about Chun Li's erasure, and it is that Chun Li is not part of the Mortal Kombat megaverse. Wow!" Don't count on seeing Chun-Li, but the Mortal Kombat movie will be released in theaters and on HBO Max on April 16. You can read the original article at Jezebel.