The wait for the first Mortal Kombat trailer just got a whole lot shorter. It has been confirmed that the first footage from the upcoming video game movie is set to arrive in February. That means in mere weeks, if not days, we will finally have a better idea of what to expect from the R-rated reboot, which will be making its way to theaters and HBO Max as one of few big movies that is still set to arrive in the first half of 2021.

New Line Cinema, the Warner Bros. studio behind Mortal Kombat, shared the first photos from the upcoming reboot, which made their way online recently. In the comments section of the post, a fan inquired about the trailor and when we might be able to see it. In reply, the studio said, "February!" So there you have it. While no specific date was revealed we know that the footage will arrive sometime within the 28 days that encompass the month of February. Plan accordingly.

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The images gave us a taste of what's to come in the adaptation of the popular video game series but much remains mysterious. The filmmakers have repeatedly promised that it will be R-rated and that fatalities, a staple of the games, will be included. But seeing some actual footage is going to be key here. Can this be one of the rare video game movies to get it right? The original 1995 Mortal Kombat movie was one of Hollywood's earliest attempts to bring a video game to the big screen. In the years since, very few have truly succeeded. But major strides have been made with successes such as Detective Pikachu and Rampage. Perhaps encouragingly, those were both produced by Warner Bros. as well.

Mortal Kombat will center on a brand new character, an MMA fighter named Cole Young played by Lewis Tan. But fear not, as plenty of familiar characters from the games will be on hand as well. The cast includes Jessica McNamee as Sonya Blade, Josh Lawson as Kano, Tadanobu Asano as Lord Raiden, Mehcad Brooks as Jackson "Jax" Bridges, Ludi Lin as Liu Kang, Chin Han as Shang Tsung, Joe Taslim as Bi-Han/Sub-Zero and Hiroyuki Sanada as Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion. Rounding out the main ensemble will be Max Huang as Kung Lao, Sisi Stringer as Mileena, Matilda Kimber as Emily Young and Laura Brent as Allison Young. Simon McQuoid makes his feature directorial debut, with James Wan (Aquaman, The Conjuring) on board as a producer.

WarnerMedia is releasing its entire 2021 movie slate both in theaters and on HBO Max, just as they did recently with Wonder Woman 1984. Even though the decision was met with a great deal of backlash the company has stuck to its decision. For fans, that means they will have the choice to see Mortal Kombat in theaters or watch it at home on HBO Max when it arrives on April 16. You can check out the original post from the New Line Cinema Instagram account.