Science Fiction is a truly beautiful term. On the one hand you have science which many people (rightly or wrongly) count as irrefutable. The other side of the coin gives us fiction. This can literally be whatever the mind can conjure up. Merge the two and you have the best of both worlds, right?

In 2016 it sure seems like that is the case. This year we have the usual culprits. Sequels of reboots, maiden voyage reboots, regular sequels and brand spanking new films. This might be a stretch, but it honestly seems like sci-fi is the place where cinema truly chooses to break new ground.

Think I am wrong? Let's just start with A Trip to the Moon. How about 2001: A Space Odyssey? Lets bring it a little closer to home with Gravity? Now, I know what you are thinking, "Hey moron, there's like a million years between each of those films!!"

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Yes! You are 100% correct. However, whenever new ground is broken it takes awhile for the effects to truly be felt. If new ground was being broken every day in cinema, it probably wouldn't be new ground would it? This isn't to say that other genres don't bring new forms and ideas to the medium. It just seems like if you really want to introduce something transcendent, there's no better way than with a sci-fi film.

So it is with great excitement that that we bring you the 13 biggest Sci-Fi Movies Coming in 2016. Some of the films on this list might not seem appropriate. Others might seem curious choices for a bevy of other reasons. What matters is that with each of these delectable celluloid delicacies, there is a real chance that one of them is going to turn the medium of cinema on its ear in the greatest of ways.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - December 16

Rogue One

The most exciting thing about a new film in the Star Wars universe is that we don't know too much about it! One thing is certain, it will contain nods to the previous films. But the air of mystery aroundRogue One: A Star Wars Story, after what we got with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, seems truly well deserved. Rebels on a mission to steal the Death Star plans? Count us in.

Independence Day: Resurgence - June 24

<strong><em>Independence Day: Resurgence</em></strong>

It certainly took Fox long enough to bring this one out, didn't it? And with a $200 million price-tag, this thing had better be more than merely good. Considering that the US is presently shrinking its military, a movie about earth being attacked by aliens again just might be highly topical. With a cast that sees some of the originals returning, we haven't yet given up that Will Smith will make an appearance SOMEWHERE. But we know he won't, since it's been confirmed that his character has been killed off.

Star Trek Beyond - July 22

Star Trek 3

With a highly secretive plot dangling before us (that always seems to be the way with sci-fi films, right?), we do know one thing just by looking at the credits... Director Justin Lin will deliver. Look, it's not like the Fast & Furious franchise is in the same class as Star Trek, but if you want a big movie about things that go boom...Hire Justin Lin and let him do what he does best. The fact that the cast is returning as well bodes quite nicely for the third installment in this new, old, rebooted franchise.

The Divergent Series: Allegiant - March 18


Any film that has a Bureau of Genetic Warfare already has our attention. Sure, some may see The Divergent Series as simple, young adult pap. We at MovieWeb choose to see the adventures of Beatrice Prior as metaphors for the world around us. Or...Perhaps just a harbinger of a really scary world to come.

Ghostbusters - July 15


Alright, we get that sci-fi likes to keep things tight-lipped, but do they really need to be so secretive with a Ghostbusters movie? Or, is this not our parents Ghostbusters film? If this thing is half as funny, scary and interesting as the cast and top secret plot have led us to believe, the Ghostbusters of 2016 might finally be the 1980s film to bring it all back. Whatever it ends up being...We sure hope it has been worth the wait, right?

Evan Jacobs