The Good

Dario Argento displays why he is one of the Masters Of Horror.

The Bad

Not a lot of extras on this release.The Mother of Tears convoluted if not wondrously enjoyable horror film from one of its masters, Dario Argento. The film features his daughter, Asia, in the role of Sarah Mandy. When she accidentally brings out an ancient witch from an urn, the city of Rome becomes overrun with suicides and other ills. This of course causes other witches to descend on the city, and Sarah soon realizes that she is going to have to use all of her personal powers to overcome these ruthless beings.

While in some ways lacking, Mother of Tears is a strong horror film that manages to move past some of the traps that similar movies seems to find themselves in.


A Conversation with Dario Argento

This featurette, while not making up for the glaring lack of extras, is something that all fans of this director should watch. Argento talks about making this film, the themes in his movies, what interests him as a filmmaker, and why he makes the films he does. As someone who considers himself a pretty big horror fan, I have to admit that this featurette showcased a filmmaker I had always heard of but heretofore never known.

The Making Of Mother of Tears


Widescreen Version. Presented in a "letterbox" widescreen format preserving the scope aspect ratio of its original theatrical exhibition. Enhanced for widescreen TVs. This film has a very dark, very Italian, horror film sort of look. The gore and effects are heightened because they are so artfully done. This movie always felt like there was a sure hand guiding the visual style every step of the way.


Dolby Digital. English Dolby 5.1. Subtitled in Spanish and English. The audio on this movie seemed to be almost another completely different component in this film. It isn't that it ran parallel with what was happening on screen, it was more that it seemed to be enhancing the film irrespective of what we were seeing on screen. In some cases this might not work, but I really think that it does here.


This front cover presents a gothic-like black and red image of the main antagonist of this story. The back continues this same color scheme and also offers up a description, a Special Features listing, technical specs, and a credits list. While there isn't anything that special about this packaging, it, like the film, has a certain flair that makes it seem more original than at first glance.

Final Word

The subject matter of Mother of Tears night not seem that new. Afterall, how many movies from foreign countries feature ancient beings attacking the world? The truth is that Dario Argento is the reason why this film stands out. His rich filmmaking and strong sense of style of and tone really seems to capture the mood of Roman Polanski. While these two directors are not very far apart in age, they seem to share a love for merging striking visuals with music. All of this plays into the subject matter of both their films and in the end makes for a different sort of viewing experience. It is this difference that makes similar feeling material like Mother of Tears not feel so similar.