Movie 43 is an anthology that features short films from some of today's biggest directors in comedy, including James Gunn (Super; Guardians of the Galaxy), Steve Carr (Paul Blart: Mall Cop; Are We Done Yet?), Bob Odenkirk (Let's Go to Prison; Mr. Show with Bob and David), and Peter and Bobby Farrelly (The Three Stooges). The movie doesn't hit theaters until 2013, but co-direct Bobby Farrelly has offered up some new photos featuring this cast of thousands that includes Emma Stone, Anna Faris, Kate Winslet, Halle Berry, and a whole lot more. Check them out as Bobby Farrelly also provides commentary!

Movie 43 Photo 1
"Leslie Bibb, Justin Long, and Jason Sudeikis are all superheroes who go to a speed dating party. Besides speed dating, you find out a lot of backstory relationship issues among them. They have long memories, and are deeply offended. Jason Sudeikis plays a real bad guy, super funny, a real d---. Uma Thurman is in it too.''
Movie 43 Photo 2
'' Naomi Watts and [real-life partner] Liev Schreiber are homeschooling their son, played by Jeremy Allen White, and they think schooling is about the entire experience, including being hazed, bullied, demeaned. Besides making him study, they're torturing him. This is one of my favorites, and so funny."
Movie 43 Photo 3
"Seann William Scott and Johnny Knoxville are best friends who had a falling out because Johnny was with [Seann William Scott 's] girl one night. To make it up, Johnny delivers Seann a pissed-off, angry, violent leprechaun, played by Gerard Butler. Johnny Knoxville is trying to tickle him with a feather to get him to sneeze fairy dust to prove to Seann it's a leprechaun.''
Movie 43 Photo 4
"Emma Stone and Kieran Culkin are a couple that's broken up, and meet again in a supermarket. They cut through all the bulls--- in a relationship, but unbeknownst to her, they're on a loudspeaker. They start getting very intimate. It's really funny.''
Movie 43 Photo 5
''It's the first all-black basketball team to host a championship, in the '50s. They're playing an all-white team, and they're terrified. Terrence Howard has to convince these 6'8'' black guys that they're better than these 5'9'' white guys.''
Movie 43 Photo 6
"Halle Berry and Stephen Merchant play the ultimate game of Truth or Dare. They meet through an online dating service [and later] go to a restaurant. After some small talk, Halle Berry is sick of it, and says, 'Let's play Truth or Dare.' They start one-upping each other in a very very funny way. The turkey baster is verrrrrrry interesting.''
Movie 43 Photo 7
''This guy, Anna Faris' real-life husband Chris Pratt, meets the perfect woman, the modern day Donna Reed, played by Anna. She's sweet, she's kind, and she just has this thing: she wants him to poop on her. That frosting is frosting, and it's also her thing. Eh eh?''
Movie 43 Photo 8
''In this, Kate Winslets on a date with Hugh Jackman, and she finds out he has quite a funny and strange birth defect - during dinner. It's a blind date. It's her trying to navigate the waters.''