Are you ready to become addicted to the coolest movie ranking app yet?

With our new Movie Face-Off, you'll be able to systematically decide which of your favorite movies is heads above the rest. Now, you can finally discover what your all-time favorite movie is, where the rest of them fall within your taste-barometer, and exactly what type of movie lover you really are.

It's easy!

  • Rank movies in terms of which one you think is better.
  • - Keep playing to create your own personal "top" lists
  • - Share ranks and Face-offs between your favorite movies
  • - Compare your cinematic tastes with your friends, family, and other members of the Movieweb community!

CLICK HERE to play Face-Off! right now!

How It Works

The more you play Face-Off! The better you will understand your own specific tastes as a passionate moviegoer. As you continue to click through each film pairing, your all-time "Top List" will begin to systimatically sort itself out, giving you the most accurate account of your own likes and dislikes when it comes to the world of cinema. Just as well, Face-off will also track what movies you haven't seen and allow you to add them to your "Want To See" lists for future queuing.

Getting Started

Go to Face-Off!, and you will be given the choice between two movie posters spanning an entire history of cinematic greatness. It will be a battle between giants as you click on the titles that you think are better. It will be a heated brawl, with some match-ups being easy to decide: The Godfather vs.

Baby Geniuses, some being hard to decide: The Godfather vs. Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, and some being a complete draw: The Godfather vs. The Godfather: Part II.

Haven't Seen a Movie in the Face-Off!?

As you click on your favorite titles, your own private Top 20 list will begin to generate itself, and overtime, you will be able see what movies you like best. Don't worry, you don't have to decide if you haven't seen one of the movies. There's also a 'haven't seen it' option that will regenerate itself until you have seen the two movies, as prepared for their own private bloody brawl.

What If I Messed Up?

No problem! Either hit the "Undo" button right after you rank a movie, or access that movie anywhere on the site and click the "Remove" button from the "Ranked" dropdown. Easy at that.

What About Adding My Own Movies?

Don't feel like your specific movie tastes are represented in the Face-Off!? Don't worry! Add your own movies to the list by using the search engine at the top of any page and directly add any movie that comes up into your ranks. Click "Rank" and go!

Profile Ranks Lists

After playing the game, you will be able to go to your very own "Ranks page" in your profile. You'll be able to not only see where certain films fall on your list, but you will be able to see where those movies also rank on your friends' lists as well.

What are you waiting for. Its time to pull the gloves off and get dirty as your favorite, and not so favorite, movie titles battle it out for the highest ranking on your favorites list! Which one is better? You decide!