Katherine “the Movie Guru” Brodsky checking in. Just yesterday you got your monthly Movie Guru column, but it’s a tough world out there with Cynamatic and Here in Hollywood screaming for attention (though some more than others), so I decided to give Movie Guru fans, who would otherwise go on to suffer through Hollywood Withdrawal Symptoms™ while waiting for my column, a special gift.

The Movie Guru proudly presents…


Can you tell me what has happened to Amber Benson's movie Watchful Eyes? I have not heard anything about it in months. -Daniel

Well, Daniel the reason that you did not hear anything about it for months is because it’s probably not worthy of wasting valuable media space. I mean, look at the tag line for the movie: “Killing-Stealing-Cheating...all in a days work.” Gimme a break! But since you asked, I will answer. The film was categorized as “in production” and was slated to be released May 1st in the UK, but according to some new rumors due to legal and financial issues surrounding some locations that were to be used in the film, the production has come to a halt and the plug might be permanently pulled unless they manage to get more sponsors aboard. There were other troubles involving the script, Amber’s foot… But who knows.

I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the resort the film American Wedding was shot at and where it is located. I just recently got engaged and thought the resort would be perfect to have a wedding at. –Katie

First of all, congratulations on your engagement! Second of all, I’m pretty sure that the “resort” that you are referring to was staged within the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay, California. Costly wedding, I’d say. But just whisper to your salve, err, husband-to-be, “I’m worth it.” Don’t try this with the hotel reservation desk though.

What films has Kurt Russell been in? -Stephen

A lot. Try searching our database! Click this link to try your Kurt Russell query now!

What was the martial art used in The Transporter? -Cody

The type of martial art used in the movie is called “Gun-Kata" and it involves pretty much guns only, though there are also the usual acrobatics involved, according to CHUD’s Nick Nunziata and Roger Ebert.

Do you know the song used in the new trailer for the movie Love Actually? -Mr. A

Yes, if we are both looking at the same trailer, the song is Natalie Cole’s “This Will Be.” The movie is now out on DVD by the way and is highly enjoyable. Not perfect, but neither is love.

Do you know of a web site that provides a download of movie names that are available on DVD? -John

Try searching our very own DVD Dungeon for EVERY SINGLE DVD TITLE EVER RELEASED. We're now serving up over 80,000 titles with hundreds of new release listing every week and much more! Use the search at the top of the page or access release by week directly right here!

Well, it’s enough for today…

-Katherine Brodsky