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I Am Legend and Alien Vs. Predator Trailers to Premiere Soon

Both high-profile films will be released in theatres this December.

Another New Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Trailer Is Here

Watch as The Thing lifts a helicopter into the air.

B. Alan Orange

Watch the National Treasure: Book of Secrets Trailer!

Nicolas Cage is going to short sheet the Pope's bed.

B. Alan Orange

New Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Trailer Emerges

Awesome new footage of the Silver Surfer in action!

B. Alan Orange

New Bourne Ultimatum Trailer

And this time he remembers everything!

B. Alan Orange

EXCLUSIVE: Watch the Hollywood Dreams Trailer!

Get a sneak peek at maverick Director Henry Jaglom's newest movie.

Brian B.

The Third Full-Length Spider-Man 3 Trailer Online

Check out Spidey and Venom in high-resolution Quicktime video format.

New Ocean's 13 Trailer Online

The sequel to Ocean's Eleven and Ocean's Twelve.

New I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry Trailer Online

The upcoming comedy starring Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Jessica Biel.

New Hostel: Part II Trailer Online

Eli Roth's horror sequel arrives in theaters on June 8.

28 Weeks Later Trailer Now Online

The sequel to 2003's 28 Days Later.

The Final Spider-Man 3 Trailer Is Here!

The 4th and final trailer goes online.

Brian B.

28 Weeks Later Trailer to Debut with The Hills Have Eyes 2

The sequel to 28 Days Later; viewable only in theatres starting March 23, 2007.

Pirates of the Caribbean: at World's End Trailer Debuts March 19

Disney to host "Pirates Ultimate Fan Event" in select cities on Sunday, March 18th.

Watch the R-Rated 300 Trailer!

Maybe you shouldn't see this! ... contains blood, nudity and extreme violence ;)

Watch The Ultimate Gift Trailer!

See a glimpse of the movie based on the life changing book.

Evan Jacobs

Resident Evil: Extinction Trailer Now Online!

This explosive trailer could very well blow you off the internet.

Brian B.

New The Simpsons Movie Trailer

Homer, Bart, Marge and Lisa make the jump to the big screen.

Full-Length Grindhouse Trailer Is Here!

Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's double-feature.

Worldwide Grindhouse Trailer Debut Across Multiple Platforms Friday

Trailer will be released online, via mobile phones, on television and in theaters nationwide.

New Shrek the Third Trailer Online

Shrek, Donkey, Puss In Boots and Fiona are back!

Watch the New Dead Silence Trailer Now!

This thing is the scariest piece of footage on the internet.

Evan Jacobs

New 60 Second Spider-Man 3 Trailer Online

New scenes from the movie on the Japanese Sony Pictures website.

New Hannibal Rising Trailer Online

The Silence of the Lambs Prequel arrives in theaters on February 9.

Grindhouse Trailer Online at Noon (PST) + New Photo Gallery

Your first look at Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's double-feature!

Shooter Trailer Now Online

An action-thriller starring Mark Wahlberg, Danny Glover and Ned Beatty.

View the New 300 Trailer!

Get a glimpse at this stunning visual spectacle.

Evan Jacobs

Your First Look At the New TMNT Trailer

Warner Bros. has held nothing back with this new imagining of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Evan Jacobs

Live Free or Die Hard Trailer in Theatres This Weekend

The 4th Die Hard movie starring Bruce Willis.

New Rocky Balboa Trailer Online

Starring Sylvester Stallone, arriving in theaters on December 22.

First Fred Claus Trailer Now Online

A Christmas comedy starring Vince Vaughn and Paul Giamatti.

The Simpsons Movie Trailer Is Here!

Your first look at the trailer for next summer's Simpson movie goes online!

Brian B.

EXCLUSIVE: Watch the Full-Length Screamers Trailer!

We are premiering the trailer for the upcoming documentary exploring the horrors of modern genocide that began in Armenia in 1915 up though Darfur today.

Watch the New Spider-Man 3 Trailer Right Now!

MovieWeb and iFilm serve up your first look at the exclusive new trailer.

Brian B.

Two-and-a-Half Minute Spider-Man 3 Trailer Premieres Thursday Night

Airing on television, cable and 14 website at ~10:00pm (EST) tomorrow!

New Spider-Man 3 Trailer Premieres Online On Thursday

We'll provide the URL now, but you can't see the video for a few days ;)

EXCLUSIVE: Watch the Full-Length Deja Vu Trailer!

MovieWeb has your first look at the upcoming Denzel Washington thriller.

Brian B.

Final Saw III Trailer Online

Jigsaw returns to the big screen on October 27.

New Ghost Rider Trailer Online

The Nicolas Cage superhero film arrives in theatres on February 16.

New and Very Cool Casino Royale Trailer on YouTube

Does not appear to have been released from the studio!?! Worth a watch!