Battle: Los Angeles (2011)

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SET VISIT: Battle: Los Angeles - Part 2

Director Jonathan Liebesman and stars Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, Ne-Yo, Ramon Rodriguez and the rest of the cast discuss this high-powered alien-invasion adventure on the set.

Battle: Los Angeles Review

There's never a doubt who will win in the aliens versus marines battle, but the fact that it's interesting from the first frame to the last is an achievement.

Fourth Battle: Los Angeles Clip

Aaron Eckhart's Marine platoon descends into an alien attack on L.A. in this new glimpse at Jonathan Liebesman's sci-fi thriller.

Third Battle: Los Angeles Clip

Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez are attacked by underground aliens in Jonathan Liebesman's highly-anticipated sci-fi thriller.

Battle: Los Angeles Clip

Aaron Eckhart and his platoon of Marines fall into an ambush in this new scene from Jonathan Liebesman's alien-invasion adventure.

Ninth Battle: Los Angeles Poster

The alien invasion is in full effect in the latest poster for Jonathan Liebesman sci-fi flick with a glimpse of the alien mother ship.

Super Bowl XLV TV Commercials!

Get your first glimpse at footage from Captain America, Terra Nova, Thor, Super 8, Transformers 3, Pirates 4 and more.

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