Blade: Trinity (2004)

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Wesley Snipes Interested in a 4th Blade Movie

The actor reveals that he would come back to the franchise if they had the right script.

Brian Gallagher

SOJU AFTER MOVIE 2: Don Jonson...In Da House!

Don Johnson visits the Soju base for an exclusive Interview, a case of beer, and some Bar-B-Que!

B. Alan Orange

Two Blade: Trinity sets coming to video stores that's unrated and features 10 minutes of additional footage

Brian B.

Meet the Blade: Trinity Kids

Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds talk about vampire hunting!

Director David Goyer talks Blade: Trinity and Batman Begins!

...the writer, producer, director speaks!

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Writer / Director David S. Goyer talks Blade: Trinity

...more vampire talk from the creators of the film!

Jessica Biel talks Blade: Trinity

The Blade: Trinity Heroine Kicks Butt

Ryan Reynolds talks Blade: Trinity

Blade: Trinity's Funnyman speak

Wesley Snipes talks a little bit about Blade: Trinity

...coming to theaters on December 10th

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New Blade: Trinity banners!

...coming to theaters on December 10th!

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The new Blade: Trinity poster has arrived!

...a look at the trinity's new one-sheet

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The new Blade: Trinity trailer is online! a new clip from the film!

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New footage from Blade Trinity online! Jessica Biel take on some blood sucking vampires!

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New photos from Blade: Trinity!

...starring Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson, Jessica Biel, and Ryan Reynolds

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The official Blade: Trinity website comes alive! downloads and other multimedia now available!

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The Blade: Trinity trailer goes online! a low resolution format suitable for sneak peeking

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When to expect those Batman Begins and Blade: Trinity teaser trailers!

...July looks to serve up some highly anticipated sneak peaks

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Blade: Trinity poster & teaser site now online!

...the 3rd Blade movie comes to life...starring Wesley Snipes

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David Goyer shooting 3 different endings for Blade: Trinity?

"at least two or three endings..."

Brian B.