BloodRayne (2006)

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January 6th, 2006
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Latest 'BloodRayne' News

Uwe Boll Files a Lawsuit Against Billy Zane

The controversial director claims he's owed $700,000 from the actor.

Brian Gallagher

Uwe Boll Talks About Sequels to BloodRayne and Alone In the Dark!

The director also unveils some big plans for a new DVD release of House of the Dead.

Evan Jacobs

CONTEST: Win Bloodrayne On DVD and Take Home a PSP!

DVD comes with a FREE copy of Bloodrayne 2 PC Game!

Evan Jacobs

Get the Bloodrayne Video Game with the Movie May 23

The film's release on DVD to include the popular video game title.

Brian B.

CONTEST: Win A Signed Bloodrayne Poster!

The action fantasy comes to theaters January 6th.

Brian B.

New Japanese War of the Worlds and Bloodrayne Posters

Get a peek at the two new images right here.

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Bloodrayne and Silent Hill updates on the 2 upcoming video game adaptations

Brian B.

Director Uwe Boll talks Bloodrayne

"BloodRayne is a completely different movie to my previous ones..."

Brian B.

New images from the Bloodrayne production

… The French honor the famed director…

Brian B.

Your first look at Kristanna Loken as Bloodrayne!

"She is the daughter of the lead vampire, the lead bad guy Kagan, and her journey in the film is just becoming what she is..."

Brian B.

Michelle Rodriguez, Matt Davis and Michael Madsen join Bloodrayne

...joining Ben Kingsley and Kristanna Loken

Brian B.

Ben Kingsley to play bloodsucker in BloodRayne

...the upcoming vampire thriller set in 18th century Romania

Brian B.

Kristanna Loken cast as the female lead in BloodRayne?

...the adaptation based on the popular Majesco action-horror video game

Brian B.

Uwe Bowell to direct video game adaptation 'Bloodrayne'

...production begins in August

Brian B.