Brave (2012)

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EXCLUSIVE: Brave Cast and Crew Interviews!

Kelly Macdonald, Kevin McKidd, and Craig Ferguson join producer Katherine Sarafian and writer Mark Andrews for a look at Disney Pixar's latest, in theaters now.

Brave 'Potion Making' and 'Whisps' Clips

Merida has a potion made to change her fate, and gets thrown from her horse Angus in Pixar's animated coming-of-age story, in theaters this weekend.

Brave 'Witch Brew' TV Spot

We also have a new high-resolution photo gallery from this Pixar animated adventure set in the Scottish highlands.

Brave 'Speak to Her' Clip

King Fergus offers some advice to his wife Queen Elinor about communicating with their daughter in this latest scene from the Disney Pixar adventure.

Brave 'Freedom Broch' TV Spot

Scottish bagpipe music is highlighted in this fake ad for a compilation CD, which includes footage from Pixar's animated tale.

Brave Happy Mother's Day TV Spot

The connection between Princess Merida and her mother is explored in this 60-second spot from Disney and Pixar's latest adventure.

Brave 'Kilt' TV Spot

Take a look at the Scottish fashion staple on display in this new animated adventure from Pixar.

Brave NFL Draft TV Spot

Take a look at the medieval Colts, Rams, and Vikings on display in this football-themed video for the Pixar animated tale.

Brave Three Little Bears Photo

We also have a photo of the bear cubs' ferocious mother and Merida showing off her archery skills in this Disney Pixar animated adventure.

Brave (2012)
Release Date
June 21st, 2012
  • Mark Andrews
  • Steve Purcell
  • Brenda Chapman
  • Irene Mecchi