Bully (2012)

Bully Poster
Release Date
March 30th, 2012
  • Lee Hirsch
  • Cynthia Lowen
  • Alex
  • Ja'Maya
  • Kelby
  • David Long
  • Tina Long
  • Kirk Smalley
Official Sites
thebullyproject.com, facebook.com, bully-movie.net

Latest 'Bully' News

Bully Blu-ray and DVD Debuts February 12, 2013

Lee Hirsch directs this powerful documentary that follows five students at different ends of the bullying spectrum.

Brian Gallagher

Bully Gets PG-13 Rating After Removing Foul Language

The Weinstein Company's documentary will be released with the PG-13 rating starting April 13, when it expands into 55 new markets.

Brian Gallagher

Bully Gets Unrated Theatrical Release

The Weinstein Company had their recent appeal for a PG-13 rating denied, which lead to the documentary getting an unrated release on March 30.

Brian Gallagher

Second Bully Trailer

The Weinstein Company announces an appeal of the R rating for this documentary opening in theaters March 30.

Brian Gallagher

Scary Movie 5 Arrives April 2012!

The Weinstein Company also announces release dates for Halloween 3D, Coriolanus, The Iron Lady, and My Week With Marilyn.

Brian Gallagher

The Bully Project Acquired by the Weinstein Company

Lee Hirsch's documentary takes a look at one year of bullying in America through the eyes of teachers, students, families, and school administrators.

Brian Gallagher