Latest 'Bunraku' News

EXCLUSIVE: Ron Perlman Talks Bunraku

The actor discusses playing the nefarious Nicola, working with this ensemble cast, Sons of Anarchy, Hellboy 3, and more.

Brian Gallagher

EXCLUSIVE: Ron Perlman Talks Hellboy 3 and Frankie Go Boom

The actor is still holding out hope for a Hellboy sequel and discusses Frankie Goes Boom, where he stars as 'the ugliest woman in the history of womanhood.'

Brian Gallagher

EXCLUSIVE: Ron Perlman Wants Three More Sons of Anarchy Seasons

The actor who portrays Clay Morrow talks about the intense new season and how he is constantly surprised by the new stories each season.

Brian Gallagher

EXCLUSIVE: Kevin McKidd Talks Bunraku

The actor who portrays Killer 2 discusses this new action-drama, working with Guy Moshe, his role in Pixar's Brave, and more.

Brian Gallagher

EXCLUSIVE: Josh Hartnett Talks Bunraku

The actor who portrays a mysterious drifter with no name discusses working with this diverse cast, the intense shooting schedule, director Guy Moshe, future projects, and much more.

Brian Gallagher

EXCLUSIVE: Seven Bunraku Character Photos

Josh Hartnett, Demi Moore, Ron Perlman, Kevin McKidd, and Woody Harrelson star in Guy Moshe's wicked action thriller, in theaters this September.

B. Alan Orange

Bunraku Trailer

Josh Hartnett, Woody Harrelson, and Demi Moore star in this tale about a drifter and a Japanese warrior who take on a town full of criminals.

Brian Gallagher

Demi Moore Set for Happy Tears and Bunraku

Joining Parker Posey in and Woody Harrelson in 2 indies.

Cat Parker

Josh Harnett to Star in Bunraku!

Guy Moshe will write and direct the action packed martial arts picture.