Buried (2010)

Buried Poster
  • 87%
Release Date
October 8th, 2010
  • Chris Sparling
  • Ryan Reynolds
  • José Luis García Pérez
  • Robert Paterson
  • Stephen Tobolowsky
  • Samantha Mathis
  • Ivana Miño
Official Sites
experienceburied.com, twitter.com, facebook.com

Latest 'Buried' News

Buried Blu-ray and DVD Lives on January 18th

Ryan Reynolds stars in this claustrophobic thriller about a man who has 90 minutes to escape from being buried alive.

Brian Gallagher

CONTEST: Get Buried Under These Fantastic Prizes

We're giving away branded Zippo lighters, flashlight keychains, posters the CD soundtrack and a special coffin box.

Brian Gallagher

Buried TV Spot!

Rodrigo Cortes' claustrophobic thriller features Ryan Reynolds being buried alive with only his cell phone for help.

Brian Gallagher

Buried International Trailer with New Footage

Ryan Reynolds is buried alive in Rodrigo Cortes' thriller which opens October 8.

Brian Gallagher

Latest Buried Poster Featuring Ryan Reynolds

Rodrigo Cortes' Sundance sensation will finally hit theaters on October 8.

Brian Gallagher

SDCC 2010: Buried Full-Length Trailer Starring Ryan Reynolds!

Watch the full-length trailer for Lionsgate upcoming horror flick.

Brian B.

Brand New Buried Retro Poster Arrives!

Take a look at this Vertigo-inspired one-sheet for the upcoming film.

Brian Gallagher

New Buried Motion Poster Arrives

Take a look at this intriguing poster for the Ryan Reynolds film.

Brian Gallagher

Dark New Buried Teaser Trailer Hits!

Take a look at this new video for the Sundance sensation starring Ryan Reynolds.

Brian Gallagher

First Teaser Poster for Buried Uncovered!

Ryan Reynolds stars in the Rodrigo Cortes-directed thriller.

Cat Parker

Lionsgate Digs Up Buried

Ryan Reynolds stars as a civilian contractor who is kidnapped and wakes up buried in a coffin somewhere in Iraq.

Cat Parker

The First Teaser Trailer and Clip from Buried Arrive!

Director Rodrigo Cortes brings the tension with this new mystery thriller starring Ryan Reynolds.

Evan Jacobs

Ryan Reynolds Finds Himself Buried in New Poster

The actor finds himself trapped underground in Rodrigo Cortes' latest thriller.

B. Alan Orange

Get Your First Look at Ryan Reynolds in Buried!

The actor gets buried alive in Rodrigo Cortes' upcoming thriller.

B. Alan Orange