Cars 2 (2011)

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Cars 2 Review

The animation is superb, but the length and sledgehammer delivery takes Cars 2 down to second gear.

Cars 2 Goes Under the Hood at Pixar

We head up to the Emeryville, California facility to learn more about this animated sequel, watch the short Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation, and much more.

John Lasseter Talks Cars 2

The director of this animated adventure discusses having his own animated character, the international themes in the sequel, and much more.

Nine Cars 2 Clips

Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy return to voice Lightning McQueen and Mater in this highly-anticipated Pixar sequel.

Fourth Cars 2 Clip

Michael Caine's Finn McMissile introduces himself to Larry the Cable Guy's Mater in this new glimpse at the Pixar animated sequel.

Third Cars 2 Clip

The Disney/Pixar sequel featuring the voices of Owen Wilson, Larry The Cable Guy and more, comes to theaters June 24th.

Cars 2 International Trailer

John Lasseter returns to direct this Pixar sequel, which features Lightning McQueen and Mater participating in an international race.

Fifth Cars 2 Trailer

A new clip has also arrived from this Pixar animated sequel which takes Lightning McQueen and Mater all over the world.

Third Cars 2 TV Spot

Lightning McQueen and Mater set off on an international journey in this upcoming Pixar sequel.

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