Crank (2006)

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September 1st, 2006
  • Mark Neveldine
  • Brian Taylor
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SDCC 2011 EXCLUSIVE: Crank 3 Coming Soon!

Actor Efren Ramirez gives us the scoop on the project, and how Neveldine and Taylor may be moving on without Jason Statham attached.

Brian B.

Take a Look at Crank 2's New Heart

Chev Chelios gets an incredible robotic heart transplant.

B. Alan Orange

Amy Smart Returns for Crank 2

Clifton Collins Jr. will play the villain in this highly anticipated sequel.

B. Alan Orange

Jason Statham Updates Us on Crank 2, Death Race, The Transporter 3, and The Brazilian Job

The actor fills us in on his very busy workload.

B. Alan Orange

Producer David Rubin Spills the Secrets of Crank 2: High Voltage!

Learn what Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor plan on doing with Chev Chelios.

B. Alan Orange

Crank Tops the Charts in Sales and Rentals!

The Illusionist comes in a close second.

Evan Jacobs

Crank is Number One in Sales and Rentals!

Studio also gears up for the DVD releases of Employee of the Month and Saw III.

Evan Jacobs

CONTEST: Win Crank on DVD!

See Jason Statham burn up the screen in this adrenaline soaked film.

Evan Jacobs

Jason Statham Talks Crank

The actor on keeping his adrenaline up for 90 minutes of pure action!

Lionsgate Says No Saw III Preview with Crank

The footage to now premiere online!

Brian B.

EXCLUSIVE: Watch a Never-Before-Seen Clip from Crank

Get your first look at the 'Juice Me' clip from the film!

Brian B.

COMIC-CON 2006: Lionsgate Previews Skinwalkers, Crank and Saw III

The studio promises to make your screams come true with their upcoming slate.

Evan Jacobs

COMIC-CON 2006: Jason Statham Talks Crank

The Transporter actor talks about his next film with Amy Smart.

Brian B.