Deep Sea 3D (2006)

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  • 91%
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March 3rd, 2006
  • Howard Hall
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Jim Carey Teams Up with IMAX for Under the Sea 3D

The comedic actor will narrate the new IMAX nature film.

Brian Gallagher

Pre-Production Begins on a Sequel to Deep Sea 3D: The IMAX Experience

The IMAX and Warner Bros. film has grossed over $50 million in ONLY 120 IMAX theatres!

IMAX and Warner Bros. to Film a Sequel to Deep Sea 3D

Deep Sea-quel will be their third original IMAX 3D joint project.

EXCLUSIVE: Deep Sea 3D Creators Talk About Their Adventure

Director and producer, Howard and Michelle Hall check out what lies at the bottom of the ocean in IMAX 3D!