Drive Angry (2011)

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Drive Angry Review

What would otherwise just be another ordinary revenge flick is elevated by the film's excellent 3D effects and supernatural storyline. Nicolas Cage gives a strong performance but it is character actors William Fichtner and Billy Burke that steal every sce

Super Bowl XLV TV Commercials!

Get your first glimpse at footage from Captain America, Terra Nova, Thor, Super 8, Transformers 3, Pirates 4 and more.

Drive Angry Red Band TV Spot

An international age-restricted commercial for the Nicolas Cage 3D thriller pokes fun at awards season ads.

Drive Angry Motion Poster!

Nicolas Cage and Amber Heard star in this explosive 3D adventure from director Patrick Lussier.

Second Drive Angry Trailer

A new international poster has also been released for Nicolas Cage and Amber Heard's 3D action adventure.

Drive Angry Trailer!

Nicolas Cage breaks out of Hell to find redemption and save his kidnapped grandchild in this 3D throwback to the Grindhouse era.

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