Evan Almighty (2007)

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Release Date
June 22nd, 2007
  • Steve Oedekerk
  • Joel Cohen
  • Alec Sokolow
  • Steve Koren
  • Mark O'Keefe
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Latest 'Evan Almighty' News

CONTEST: Win Big in Our Evan Almighty Contest!

We're giving away DVDs, soundtracks, t-shirts and more...

Evan Jacobs

Universal to Offer HD-DVD Users U-Shop Option

U-Shop to be introduced with Evan Almighty HD-DVD.

Evan Jacobs

Evan Almighty Makes You Laugh on DVD October 9

See what happens when Evan Baxter builds an arc.

Evan Jacobs

Box Office Beat Down: Evan Almighty Earns an Alrighty $32 Million

1408 Premiers with a respectable $20 million.

B. Alan Orange

Tom Shadyac Spends Wads of Cash Building an Ark in Evan Almighty

The director talks about staging a flood of biblical proportions!

B. Alan Orange

CONTEST: Enter Our Massive Evan Almighty Giveaway!

For a film of this size we're giving away t-shirts, buttons, windbreakers, hats, balloons and more...

Evan Jacobs

CONTEST: Win Big with Our Evan Almighty Prize Pack!

Not only are celebrating the upcoming release of the film but we're also excited about the Steve Carell microsite, Steve Almighty!

Evan Jacobs

Wanda Sykes Tells Us a Joke of Biblical Proportions in Evan Almighty

The Comedian laughs about working with a zoo full of live animals, kids, and Steve Carell.

B. Alan Orange

Steve Carell Builds an Ark in Evan Almighty

The actor discusses the difficulties of saving every living creature known to man.

B. Alan Orange

Lauren Graham Loses Her Husband to Possible Insanity in Evan Almighty

The actress talks about being Steve Carell's on-screen wife and building an Ark.

B. Alan Orange

Evan Almighty International Trailer Is Online

The Bruce Almight sequel arrives in theatres on June 22.

Evan Almighty Trailer to Premiere on NBC's The Office

The Bruce Almighty sequel starring Steve Carell and John Goodman.

Evan Almighty Teaser Trailer Goes Online

Featuring Steve Carell as Evan and Morgan Freeman as God.

EXCLUSIVE: Jimmy Bennett Laughs It Up In Evan Almighty

The 10-year-old dishes the dirt on the sequel starring Steve Carell.

Evan Almighty Starts Shooting

The sequel to the Jim Carrey starrer, Bruce Almighty, begins production.

Brian B.

John Goodman and Lauren Graham Join Evan Almighty

Opposite Steve Carell in Universal Pictures' upcoming sequel.

Brian B.

Universal Pushes Back Bruce Almighty Sequel

Evan Almighty now being released the Friday before July 4.

Brian B.