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Win Flight on Blu-ray

Win Flight on Blu-ray

Denzel Washington stars in his Oscar-nominated performance as a pilot who faces tough questions about how he averted disaster.

Flight Review

The first act of Flight is as engrossing as any film I've seen this year. It's when the film starts pandering to Washington's performance that it loses steam.

Flight Hi-Res Photo Gallery

Flight Hi-Res Photo Gallery

Denzel Washington stars in director Robert Zemeckis' true-life drama about a heroic pilot whose drinking is called into question, in theaters this November.

Flight Adds Alex Frost

The actor joins joins Denzel Washington, Don Cheadle, and John Goodman in the indie sci-fi drama.

John Goodman Takes Flight

The actor will portray Denzel Washington's close friend in Robert Zemeckis' drama about a drug-addicted pilot who almost causes a tragic accident.

Flight Adds Brian Geraghty

The Hurt Locker actor will star alongside Denzel Washington in this thriller about a pilot who saves the lives of his passengers, even though he was on drugs at the time.

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