Friday the 13th (1980)

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  • 58%
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May 10th, 1980
  • Sean S. Cunningham
  • Victor Miller
  • Ron Kurz
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Original Friday the 13th Killer Thought the Movie Would Bomb

Original Friday the 13th Killer Thought the Movie Would Bomb

Betsy Palmer, who plays Jason's mom in the original Friday the 13th, was certain that the movie was going to be a gigantic failure.

Ryan Scott

New Friday the 13th and South Park Movies Coming from Paramount Within 5 Years

Warner Bros. gives up the rights to these franchises as part of their deal with Paramount to co-distribute Christopher Nolan's Interstellar.

Brian Gallagher

EXCLUSIVE: Adrienne King Takes Us Back to Friday the 13th

The star of the original 1980 film talks about the production, the legacy of the series, the remake and upcoming projects.

Brian Gallagher

EXCLUSIVE: Adrienne King to Direct Part of All-Female Horror Anthology

The star of the original Friday the 13th is set to direct one of a series of horror shorts along with other female horror icons.

Brian Gallagher

Friday the 13th: Uncut Deluxe Edition Slashes Up to DVD and Blu-ray on February 3rd

We have some early details on this brand new Jason Voorhes release in both formats.

Brian Gallagher

New Line Developing a Friday the 13th Remake

Unlike the original 1980 version, the update will focus on Jason ... who will wear the mask and kill!

CONTEST: Win Fantastic 3D Movies Posters From McFarlane Toys!

We're giving away the brand new Friday the 13th, Jaws and Alien 3 dimensional sculpted posters!

Brian B.

COMIC-CON 2004: All of the Jasons gather to discuss the new Friday the 13th DVD boxset

Orange watches in horror as Two Directors and Five Jasons talk about the History of Friday the 13th and hack-apart Freddy vs. Jason...

B. Alan Orange

A 5 disc Friday the 13th set coming? rumors emerge

Brian B.

FRIDAY THE 13th Boxed Set news!

The word straight from Maniafest!

Brian B.


Grassroots petition underway for next week...

Brian B.