Friends with Kids (2012)

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Friends with Kids Review

Westfeldt clearly illustrates the various hurdles in parenting and the priviledged world of successful New Yorkers.

Friends with Kids Poster

Megan Fox and Jon Hamm lead an ensemble cast in Jennifer Westfeldt's comedy about a couple's unique alternative to marriage.

Friends with Kids Trailer

Kristen Wiig, Megan Fox, and Jon Hamm star in this comedy about a couple who decides to have a child, and then date other people.

Friends with Kids Acquired by Lionsgate

Adam Scott and Jennifer Westfeldt star in this indie comedy about two single friends who decide to have a child together while dating other people.

Friends with Kids Adds Megan Fox

Jon Hamm, Adam Scott and Kristen Wiig are also starring in this romantic comedy from director/writer Jennifer Westfeldt.

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