Latest 'Ghost Rider' News

Marvel Retains Rights to Ghost Rider in Lawsuit Settlement

An appeals court in June had revived Gary Friedrich's claim that Marvel no longer owned rights to the popular comic character.

Brian Gallagher

Marvel Studios Reacquires the Rights to Ghost Rider, The Punisher and Blade

The film rights packages recently lapsed and several characters licensed to other studios are returning to Marvel.

Harout Harmanian

Nicolas Cage Wants a Fresh Take on Ghost Rider

The actor reveals what he'd like to see out of a new incarnation of the film.

Brian Gallagher

Ghost Rider Sequel Is on Its Way!

Nic Cage will be returning in the adaptation of the Marvel Comics horror-based hero.

Nic Cage Wants to Take Ghost Rider 2 to Europe

He thinks the demonic superhero should tangle with the mysteries of the Catholic church.

Is There a Ghost Rider 2 in the Works?

Also, Cage chimes in on National Treasure 3.

B. Alan Orange

Ghost Rider Gift Set Coming November 13th

Includes Two-Disc Extended Cut DVD and an Exclusive Limited Edition Replica of the Ghost Rider.

Brian B.

Ghost Rider Burns Up the DVD Charts

DVD is No. 1 in sales and rentals.

Evan Jacobs

Ghost Rider Revs Up on DVD June 12!

DVD to be released in two versions.

Evan Jacobs

Read Our DVD Release Spooktacular!

Some of the titles we talk about include Zodiac and Dead Silence.

Evan Jacobs

Ghost Rider Rolls Two Weeks at the Box Office

The comic book adaptation takes in $19.7 million.

Watch Video Interviews with the Ghost Rider Cast & Crew!

Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes, Wes Bentley, Peter Fonda, Sam Elliot, Mark Steven Johnson, Avi Arad and Gary Foster!

Brian B.

Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes Hit the Comic Road with Ghost Rider

Johnny Blaze and Roxanne Simpson in the Marvel comic film.

Huge High-Resolution Ghost Rider Image Gallery!

Pictures of Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes and lots of "skulls-on-fire"!

Ghost Rider 2 Heading for Development!

Nicolas Cage is a fan of the comic book and is passionate about playing the character.

New Ghost Rider Video Featurette

Interviews and clips from the upcoming superhero film.

New Lenticular Ghost Rider Poster

A Quicktime motion for the Nicolas Cage comic book adaptation.

Ghost Rider Official Website Fully Launched

Online games, character bios, trailers, galleries, downloads and more.

Eva Mendes is On Fire in Ghost Rider

Actress talks about working with Nicolas Cage, Comic-Con, and producing the film Live!

Evan Jacobs

Nicolas Cage Is Ghost Rider

Actor discusses his love for the character, playing a superhero, and why he isn't upset about not playing Superman.

Evan Jacobs

Mark Steven Johnson Brings Ghost Rider To Life

The director talks about making the comic book movie nobody believed could be made.

Evan Jacobs

Nicolas Cage Blazes a Trail with Ghost Rider at a Special Sneak Preview Event!

Actor talks about a possible sequel and National Treasure 2!

Evan Jacobs

Mark Steven Johnson Talks Preacher!

The Director discusses working with the comic's creator, following the story exactly as it's written, and possible guest directors!

Evan Jacobs

Sneak Peek Ghost Rider!

MovieWeb/SuperheroFlix previewed 4 clips from the upcoming film.

Evan Jacobs

Ghost Rider Video Blog Update: 'A Day in the Life of Johnny Blaze'

A very cool clip of Nicolas Cage transforming into the Ghost Rider.

New Ghost Rider Trailer Online

The Nicolas Cage superhero film arrives in theatres on February 16.

Marvel Comics Posts Five Ghost Rider Special Effects Shots.

Nicolas Cage transforms from ordinary man to the Ghost Rider.

Ghost Rider Trailers Go Online!

The upcoming comic based film starring Nicolas Cage, Jon Voight and Eva Mendes.

2K Games to Release Ghost Rider Video Game

Based on the Marvel Comics superhero and upcoming feature film.

Ghost Rider Revealed!

Get your first look at the new comic book character!

Brian B.

No Ghost Rider Until 2007

Sony shifts it's upcoming slate.

Brian B.

Ghost Rider & Lord of War Trailers Online

Catch a glimpse of two highly anticipated Nicholas Cage upcoming films.

Brian B.

Mark Steven Johnson and Eva Mendes Talk Ghost Rider at Comic-Con

The director and leading actress reveal the upcoming Nicholas Cage starrer.

Evan Jacobs

Your First Look at Ghost Rider

A new photo of the beloved comic book character is here.

Brian B.

Your First Look at Nicholas Cage in Ghost Rider!

...the story of Johnny Blaze comes to the big screen

Brian B.

Your first look at the Ghost Rider Hell Cycle!

We've got your first look at some of the production from the film!

Brian B.

Peter Fonda and Donal Logue join Ghost Rider

...alongside Nicholas Cage in the upcoming comic book adaptation

Brian B.

Matt Long to star as the young Ghost Rider

...opposite Nicolas Cage in the adaptation of the Marvel Comics title

Brian B.

Eva Mendes signs onto Ghost Rider

...the film starts production this month

Evan Jacobs

Wes Bentley is Ghost Rider's 'Blackheart'

...the actor signs to Columbia Pictures' upcoming Nicolas Cage starrer

Brian B.

Mark Steven Johnson talks Ghost Rider

...the writer / director speaks!

Brian B.

Nicholas Cage talks about the progress of Ghost Rider well as putting to rest the 'Skeletor' rumors in John Woo's He-Man

Brian B.

Nicholas Cage talks Ghost Rider

"If you think about a superhero who’s using the powers of hell for good...I mean, that is a very profound, complicated concept for a superhero..."

Brian B.

Deliverance for GHOST RIDER

Voight set to play the nemesis of the GHOST RIDER...

Brian B.

GHOST RIDER snags a director

A real daredevil at the helm...

Brian B.