Green Lantern

Four Green Lantern TV Spots

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively star in this DC Comics adaptation about a cocky test pilot who becomes a superhero with the help of a mystical green ring.

Seventh Green Lantern Promo Photo

Ryan Reynolds shows off the power of his ring in this new image from the DC Comics adventure directed by Martin Campbell.

First Green Lantern Clip!

The new clip features Ryan Reynolds meeting Kilowog, the drill sergeant of the Green Lantern Corps, played by Michael Clarke Duncan.

11th Green Lantern TV Spot

A new photo has also been released featuring the Guardians of Oa from Martin Campbell's upcoming DC Comics adventure.

Fifth Green Lantern Banner

Hal Jordan calls upon Green Lantern's light to battle evil's might in this latest look at Martin Campbell's summer superhero adventure.

Tenth Green Lantern TV Spot

Ryan Reynolds stars in this DC Comics adventure about pilot Hal Jordan who becomes the first human initiated into the Green Lantern Corps.

Third Green Lantern Trailer

Ryan Reynolds stars as Hal Jordan along with Blake Lively and Mark Strong in Martin Campbell's DC Comics superhero adventure.

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SET VISIT: Green Lantern

We travel to New Orleans and go behind the scenes of the highly anticipated adaptation of the beloved DC Comics character.

Green Lantern Russian Poster

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps. prepare for adventure this summer in Warner Bros.' upcoming comic book adaptation.

Eighth Green Lantern TV Spot

Ryan Reynolds stars as test pilot Hal Jordan, who takes a higher calling as a superhero guardian in Martin Campbell's DC Comics adventure.

Fourth Green Lantern Banner

The entire Green Lantern Corps are wielding their rings in this latest banner for the DC Comics superhero saga.