Hobo with a Shotgun (2011)

Hobo with a Shotgun Poster
Release Date
May 6th, 2011
  • John Davies
  • Jason Eisener
  • Rob Cotterill
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Latest 'Hobo with a Shotgun' News

EXCLUSIVE: Jason Eisener Talks Hobo with a Shotgun

Rutger Hauer stars in this bloody Grindhouse spin-off about a vigilant yeg, in theaters May 6th.

B. Alan Orange

CONTEST: Win Hobo with a Shotgun Prizes

We're giving away a poster signed by Rutger Hauer, hat, t-shirt, and beer coozie from this highly-anticipated adventure.

Brian Gallagher

Hobo with a Shotgun Illegal Download PSA

Two hackers learn why they shouldn't pirate the latest Grindhouse thriller from director Jason Eisener.

B. Alan Orange

Second Hobo with a Shotgun Trailer

A new featurette has also arrived showcasing Rutger Hauer's gloriously gory Grindhouse spin-off.

B. Alan Orange

Hobo with a Shotgun SXSW Mondo Poster

Jeff Proctor creates new artwork for the Rutger Hauer Grindhouse spin-off from director Jason Eisner.

B. Alan Orange

Rutger Hauer Talks Dario Argento's Dracula 3D

The actor also reveals that he is unlikely to reprise his role as the CEO of Wayne Enterprises in The Dark Knight Rises.

B. Alan Orange

Second Hobo with a Shotgun Poster

Rutger Hauer violently blasts his way through Jason Eisener's Grindhouse spin-off.

B. Alan Orange

Hobo with a Shotgun Poster!

Jason Eisner's Grindhouse spin-off stars Rutger Hauer as a homeless vigilante out for revenge in this action-packed thriller.

B. Alan Orange

Hobo with a Shotgun Trailer!

You read that right. Get your first look at the first unrated trailer for Jason Eisener's bloody exploitation film!

Brian B.

Rutger Hauer Set for Hobo with a Shotgun!

Jason Eisener's fake Grindhouse-style movie trailer goes full-length.

Cat Parker