Latest 'Iron Man' News

Robert Downey, Jr. and Jon Favreau on Iron Man 2

Both director and star have been brainstorming about the sequel.

Marvel Announces Their Future Film Line-Up

The schedule includes Iron Man 2, Thor, and The Avengers!

Box Office Beat Down: Iron Man Blasts Into Theaters with $100 Million!

Made of Honor is left in the dust with a mere $15.5 million.

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Giant Iron Man Spoiler Video Awaits Those Who Enter Here!

Guess who has a surprise for you after the credits?

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Iron Man 2 May Air in 2010

Paramount Pictures CEO leaks the projected date.

Robert Downey Jr. Is Iron Man

The acclaimed actor shines in the summer's first blockbuster!

Julian Roman

New Iron Man Clip Online!

Take a look at Robert Downey Jr.'s 'flight stabilizer' from the upcoming film.

Brian Gallagher

Watch 4 Behind-the-Scenes Iron Man Videos!

Get your first look from the set of the film!

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Paramount Pictures 2008 Summer Sneak Preview

Including Iron Man, Indiana Jones 4, Kung Fu Panda, The Love Guru and Tropic Thunder.

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New Iron Man Set Video

Take a tour through Tony Stark's house with director Jon Favreau.

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New Nickelodeon Iron Man Video Clip

Robert Downey Jr. learns how to fly in this exciting new footage.

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EXCLUSIVE: Shaun Toub Talks Iron Man

The actor who portrays Yin-Sen in the blockbuster-to-be talks about his experiences on the movie.

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A New Iron Man Television Spot Hits the Web

Watch the latest clips featuring Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow.

New Iron Man Clip Online

Watch Robert Downey Jr. fly in this brand new video.

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New Iron Man Images

We have 19 new pictures from this upcoming comic book adaptation.

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New Iron Man Video Clip and Video Game Featurette

This exciting new footage from the upcoming comic book adaptation will blow your mind!

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Three New Iron Man Photos Emerge

Take a look a some shots with Iron Man and Iron Monger.

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Marvel Strikes Film Deal with FX

Preselling the cable rights to Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk.

Cat Parker

New Posters Revealed at ShoWest 2008!

One-sheets for Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Righteous Kill, Iron Man and The Mummy 3.

B. Alan Orange

First Look at 2 New Iron Man Posters!

The one-sheet features all the character of the film.

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