Latest 'Iron Man' News

Full Iron Man Trailer Hits the Web!

Check out the full-blown trailer of this soon-to-be blockbuster.

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New Images from Wolverine, Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk

See new images of your favorite Marvel superheroes brought to life.

New Iron Man Trailer with Next Week's Lost Episode

Tune in to this hit series and stay for the commercials as well.

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Trailer for The Incredible Hulk Coming in March, Plus Other Marvel Plans

Marvel reveals the news during their 2007 financial update.

First Look at Three New Iron Man Photos

See the new images of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark.

Watch the Iron Man Superbowl TV Spot!

Check out all-new footage from the upcoming superhero flick!

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New Iron Man Superbowl Pic!

Here is an explosive new shot taken from the upcoming Super Bowl TV spot.

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Iron Man Super Bowl TV Spot Details

Unseen footage will be revealed this Sunday.

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EXCLUSIVE: Star Trek's Anton Yelchin Talks About Becoming Pavel Chekov!

Plus Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. on The Avengers and Iron Man.

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Marvel Studios and WGA Come to an Agreement

Deal will put writers back to work on filmed adaptations of Marvel comics.

New Photo of Iron Man

View the Mark III Iron Man armor worn by Robert Downey, Jr.

William Hurt Reveals Spoilers from the Iron Man/Incredible Hulk Crossover Scene!

Veteran actor reveals himself to be a closeted comic-book geek.

New Iron Man Photos for You to Iron Over!

Marvel releases fresh images of Tony Stark and Company.

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New Iron Man Image Hits the Net

Check out Tony Stark and his amazing hand-light!

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Will Terrence Howard Also Be Playing the Superhero War Machine in Iron Man?

War Machine is his character's alter ego in the comic books.

Scene Linking Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk Movies Revealed

Is Robert Downey, Jr. going to appear in the Hulk movie?

New Photos of The Hulk and Iron Man

New artwork is revealed online.

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Iron Man and Hancock to Be at 2008 Super Bowl

At least eight exclusive movie promos are planned for the telecast.

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New International Dark Knight and Iron Man Pics!

Check out these stunning new images from two highly anticipated films.

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New Iron Man Armor Image

Check out the shiny gold and purple superhero suit!