John Carter (2012)

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John Carter White Ape Fight Clip

This enthralling scene from Andrew Stanton's sci-fi epic is followed by a dazzling sizzle reel from the upcoming Walt Disney Pictures release.

John Carter Clip

Taylor Kitsch attempts a daring canyon jump to escape the enemy in Andrew Stanton's sci fi adventure.

John Carter Final Poster

The latest image from director Andrew Stanton finds Taylor Kitsch climbing towards his destiny, in theaters this March.

Seventh John Carter TV Spot

Taylor Kitsch springs into action as the title character in Andrew Stanton's upcoming sci-fi drama.

Eight John Carter Photos

Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins star in director Andrew Stanton's adaptation of the Edgar Rice Burroughs sci-fi novel.

John Carter (2012)
Release Date
March 7th, 2012
  • Andrew Stanton
  • Mark Andrews
  • Michael Chabon
  • Edgar Rice Burroughs