Latest 'Justice League' News

Justice League Villain Possibly Revealed

Warner Bros.' epic DC Comics ensemble still doesn't have a director or a cast attached, and won't fully move ahead until Man of Steel is released.

B. Alan Orange

Justice League to Arrive Summer of 2015; Man of Steel Sequel Being Planned!

This epic DC Comics team-up will be released the same summer as Marvel's The Avengers 2.

B. Alan Orange

Batman Reboot Might Get Introduced in Justice League of America

This will insure that the new Batman franchise is part of the DC Cinematic Universe.

B. Alan Orange

Andy and Lana Wachowski May Direct Justice League of America

The Cloud Atlas directors are reportedly in contention to make this superhero ensemble, after Ben Affleck revealed he is not in the running.

Brian Gallagher

Ben Affleck Denies That He Is Directing Justice League!

The actor-director claims he is not working on this DC Comics epic superhero adventure, calling it a rumor to fill space.

B. Alan Orange

Justice League of America Eyes Director Ben Affleck

Warner Bros. turns to the Argo director for their superhero ensemble after Christopher Nolan passes on the job.

Brian Gallagher

Christopher Nolan Says No to Justice League of America!

The Dark Knight Rises director claims his final installment of the Batman trilogy is 'the end of our take on the character.'

Brian Gallagher

Justice League of America Being Developed by Warner Bros.

The studio has brought on Gangster Squad writer Will Beall to pen the script for their superhero extravaganza.

Harout Harmanian

Green Lantern 2 to Be Dark, Edgy, and Action Packed!

Warner Bros.' Jeff Robinov also says director Marin Campbell won't be back, The Flash script is solid, and Justice League is moving ahead.

B. Alan Orange

Man of Steel and DC Universe Bombshell Dropping Soon!

Geoff Johns and Jim Lee will make a groundbreaking announcement at the Hero Complex Film Festival on June 11.

B. Alan Orange

Superman and Justice League to Have a Different Clark Kent Says Zack Snyder

The director doesn't believe that Warner Bros.' two upcoming Man of Steel projects will be tied together in any way.

B. Alan Orange

Christopher Nolan to Produce Batman Reboot After The Dark Knight Rises

Warner Bros. president Jeff Robinov also clarifies that a Justice League of America script is currently being developed.

Brian Gallagher

Justice Leauge of America Set for 2013?

Warner Bros. president Jeff Robinov hints at plans for a DC Comics superhero ensemble.

Brian Gallagher

EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Palmer Talks I Am Number Four, Fury Road, Justice League of America and a Sequel to The Sorcerer's Apprentice

The Australian actress discusses which projects she will and will not be working on in the future.

Jami Philbrick

Rumors Dismissed About George Miller's Justice League

Reps confirmed the director is indeed still onboard the project.

Cat Parker

George Miller Is Now Officially Off Justice League Film

The Australian director confirms that his version of the film is history.

Justice League Starts Filming Next Year?

Director George Miller drops hints at its filming location.

Cat Parker

Has Justice League: Mortal Been Cancelled?

Producer Joel Silver says the film is 'tabled' for now.

Armie Hammer Jr. Is Batman & Megan Gale Is Wonder Woman in Justice League of America

Warner Bros. is going full-speed ahead with production on the anticipated film.

Justice League of America's Martian Manhunter Revealed

Hugh Keays-Byrne will play the role of the shapechanging alien detective.