Latest 'Justice League' News

Batman and Wonder Woman Cast in Justice League

Arnie Hammer and Megan Gale are confirmed for the film.

Zoe Kazan Joins Justice League Cast

The actress is set to play the role of The Flash's aunt.

Major Casting News for Justice League of America

Superman, Green Lantern and the Flash revealed.

Columbus Short Turns Down Role of Green Lantern in Justice League

Actor says "it's going to be huge, but it's not the movie for me."

Is Teresa Palmer Wonder Woman?

Reports indicate that she has won the role!

B. Alan Orange

Rupert Evans Is Superman in Justice League?

A new scoop comes in from one of our readers.

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Josh Duhamel and Bijou Phillips Test for Justice League

No word on which roles may be in store for either actor.

Shannyn Sossamon Added to List of Possible Wonder Women for Justice League

The actress joins the list of those who want the role.

Justice League Spoilers Revealed

Secrets revealed about both the plot of the film and the "kid-friendly" tone.

DC Explains All New Casting Choices for Justice League

Creative Affairs VP describes the connection between DC Comics and Warner Bros.

Justice League of America Casting Is a Go!

Adam Brody leads the pack of younger actors hoping to win a role.

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Justice League of America Spoiler Leaks

Warning: may contain key plot information of the upcoming superhero film.

Is Jessica Biel the New Wonder Woman?

The actress is in talks to appear in the new Justice League of America film.

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It's Official: George Miller Is Directing Justice League of America!

The news has been made public.

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Casting Call for Justice League Superhero Movie

Looking for actors in three North American cities for roles in the upcoming film.

EXCLUSIVE: Wonder Twins Activate in the Shape Of... the Gyllenhaals?

A new Justice League rumor has Jake and Maggie doing a cameo!

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Smallville's Tom Welling to Be Superman in Justice League?

New rumors abound about the upcoming superhero flick.

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Justice League of America to Be a CGI / Motion-Capture Film?

Christian Bale has not been approached to reprise his role as Batman.

What's the Hubub with The Justice League of America?

Learn the truth about the most talked about comic-to-film adaptation.

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