Leaves of Grass (2010)

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  • 59%
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September 17th, 2010
  • Tim Blake Nelson
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Latest 'Leaves of Grass' News

Edward Norton's Leaves of Grass Gets September 17 Release

Starring Keri Russell and Lucy DeVito, the Tim Blake Nelson-directed comedy to be released on DVD October 12.

Cat Parker

Edward Norton Says Leaves of Grass Being Pushed Back for a Summer Release

The actor says that the film's positive response at SXSW is what is helping the film be released to a wider audience.

Evan Jacobs

Check Out the Leaves of Grass Red Band Trailer

Edward Norton does double duty as twins in this pot smoking comedy.

Evan Jacobs

Susan Sarandon and Richard Dreyfuss Pick Up Leaves of Grass

Joining Ed Norton in the comedic thriller by Tim Blake Nelson.

Cat Parker

Tim Blake Nelson to Direct Edward Norton in Leaves of Grass

In the comedic thriller, Norton will play identical twins.