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Bruce Willis is Back in Live Free or Die Hard in 2007

The 4th film in the Die Hard franchise arrives June 29, 2007.

Len Wiseman In Talks To Direct Die Hard 4

The fourth installment of the Bruce Willis franchise.

More from Bruce Willis on Die Hard 4.0

"Right now, if I retired the series, I would retire undefeated..."

Brian B.

Die Hard 4.0 aims for a Fall production Bruce Willis confirms

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Bruce! B. Alan takes a quick look at The Willis' current state of affairs and gives us a sneak peak at Hostage.

B. Alan Orange

Doug Richardson set to rewrite Die Hard 4!

...which is being developed under the supervision of star Bruce Willis

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Screenwriter Mark Bomback talks Die Hard 4

...the Godsend screenwriter speaks!

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Bruce Willis talks DIE HARD 4!'s all up to the script at this point

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