Mars Needs Moms (2011)

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Mars Needs Moms Review

A fun and endearing movie that is enjoyable for the entire family. While the film is original, funny and very touching, it is the movie's incredible 3D experience and terrific computer-animation that really sets it apart from other 3D films.

Mars Needs Moms Clip

Seth Green's Milo finds a sneaky way to get rid of his broccoli in this Disney 3D animated adventure.

Third Mars Needs Moms Trailer

Simon Wells directs Seth Green, Joan Cusack, and Dan Fogler in this animated adventure about aliens who kidnap mothers from Earth.

Mars Needs Moms Poster Debuts

Seth Green and Joan Cusack star in this new animated movie about a mother who is abducted by Martians and her son that tries to save her.

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