Latest 'Marvel's The Avengers' News

Robert Downey Jr. Dishes on The Avengers

The Iron Man and Iron Man 2 star talks about the insanely-anticipated project and much more

Brian Gallagher

Marvel Production Updates on Iron Man 2 and The Avengers

Find out when you can see these superhero films in theaters, and more.

Brian Gallagher

Could The Incredible Hulk Be the Villain for The Avengers?

Signs suggest that Marvel's first team-up movie could feature the Gamma-powered hero as the movie's antagonist.

Paramount and Marvel Come to a Distribution Deal for Films Based on Superhero Characters

The film company will distribute Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America and more.

Edward Norton Doesn't Know What Lies in the Future for The Incredible Hulk

The actor remains in the dark about a possible sequel, or his appearance in future Marvel films.

Is Eva Longoria Parker Set to Play Wasp in The Avengers?

A new rumor sees the actress walking out of the Marvel Offices with Comics in her hand.

B. Alan Orange

Jon Favreau Says Ant-Man Will Be in The Avengers

The Iron Man director believes Marvel's plan includes the tiny hero.