Pathology (2008)

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  • 43%
Release Date
April 18th, 2008
  • Marc Schölermann
  • Mark Neveldine
  • Brian Taylor
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Pathology Sees Dead People on DVD on September 23rd

We have all the details on this horror disc starring Milo Ventmiglia.

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Milo Ventimiglia Gets Gory with Pathology

Actor talks about possibly creating a new genre of horror film, getting his hands bloody on the set and what makes a horror film a horror film.

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Telling Tales on the Set of Pathology

Michael Weston, Dan Callahan and Johnny Whitworth talk about being some pretty twisted med students in this new film.

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Marc Schoelermann Creates One Sick World in Pathology

The Director breaks down why this movie is not your average medical thriller.

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EXCLUSIVE: New Pathology Clip

Get an R-rated glimpse into this upcoming horror flick.

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EXCLUSIVE: Mark Neveldine Carves Out a New Niche with Pathology

The writer/producer cranks it up for his first foray into the medical/horror/thriller genre.

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Bringing Out the Dead with the Girls from Pathology

Mei Melancon and Lauren Lee Smith tell some gruesome tales about the making of this film.

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Getting Sick on the Set of Pathology!

Do not read this on a full stomach.

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New Twisted Teaser for Pathology

The new horror film from the creators of Crank will be released April 18th.

Milo Ventimiglia Studies Pathology

Starring alongside Alyssa Milano in the horror/thriller.