Project X (2012)

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17 Best Party Movies of All Time

17 Best Party Movies of All Time

If the movies know how to do one thing, it's throw one heck of a party, and from The Hangover to House Party, these are the best of the best.

CONTEST: Win Huge from Project X!

We've got an ultra-rare Project X skateboard and a bunch of cool party prizes to help celebrate this comedy's March 2nd debut.

Project X Clip

The Todd Phillips-produced house party comedy gets even more insane when a small person is discovered in the oven.

Three Project X TV Spots

Nima Nourizadeh directs this Todd Phillips produced found-footage comedy about the greatest party of all time.

Project X Poster

Todd Phillips produces this comedy starring Miles Teller, about a house party that spirals wildly out of control.

Project X Trailer

Todd Phillips produces this comedy about a house party gone bad, starring Miles Teller and Alexis Knapp.

Project X (2012)
Release Date
March 1st, 2012
  • Matt Drake
  • Michael Bacall