Latest 'Prometheus' News

Charlize Theron Reveals She Is the Villain in Prometheus

The actress also addresses the chest-bursting scene from Alien, saying that Ridley Scott fans will be happy.

Brian Gallagher

Prometheus Trailer!

Ridley Scott returns to the sci-fi genre with this outer space tale starring Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, and Charlize Theron.

Brian Gallagher

Prometheus Trailer Photo Reveals the Space Jockey

The mysterious humanoid from Ridley Scott's original Alien makes a cameo in this first look at the upcoming prequel.

B. Alan Orange

Third Prometheus Trailer Sneak Peek

Take a look at this final preview before the full trailer arrives online tomorrow for Ridley Scott's sci-fi thriller.

Brian Gallagher

Prometheus Photo Featuring Michael Fassbender

The actor portrays a mysterious robot character in Ridley Scott's highly-anticipated sci-fi thriller.

Brian Gallagher

Second Prometheus Trailer Sneak Peek

Take a look at more behind-the-scenes footage from director Ridley Scott's upcoming sci-fi adventure before the trailer debuts this Thursday, December 22.

Brian Gallagher

Prometheus Trailer Sneak Peek

The first footage from Ridley Scott's sci-fi epic is revealed in this lead-up to the trailer launch on Thursday, December 22nd.

B. Alan Orange

Ridley Scott Talks Prometheus and the Space Jockey

The director also clarifies this sci-fi tale's 'link' to the original Alien movies and reveals that the xenomorph monster will not be featured.

Brian Gallagher

Prometheus Poster

Ridley Scott directs Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, and Charlize Theron in this highly-anticipated sci-fi thriller.

Brian Gallagher

Five Hi-Res Prometheus Photos

Get a fresh look at Ridley Scott's Alien prequel starring Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron.

Harout Harmanian

Prometheus EW Photos Reveal the Makers

The impressive production design behind Ridley Scott's upcoming sci-fi epic is shown off in these new images featuring the entire cast.

B. Alan Orange

Prometheus Climax Pays Homage to Alien Says Ridley Scott

The director also talks about the connection to the Greek God of Fire in his upcoming sci-fi adventure.

Brian Gallagher

Noomi Rapace Reveals Prometheus Details

The actress reveals her mild-mannered character, Elizabeth Shaw, transforms into a fighter halfway through Ridley Scott's sci-fi adventure.

Brian Gallagher

Prometheus to Feature a Robotic Michael Fassbender

Screenwriter/producer Damon Lindelof also reveals that Charlize Theron is playing a 'corporate entity' named Meredith Vickers.

Brian Gallagher

Prometheus Synopsis Update Reveals New Story Details

Ridley Scott directs this sci-fi thriller about scientists fighting to save the human race from extinction.

Brian Gallagher

Prometheus Adds Patrick Wilson

The actor is a late addition to the now in-production Ridley Scott thriller, but his role is unknown.

B. Alan Orange

Prometheus Photos Featuring Charlize Theron and Noomi Rapace

A series of revealing images from 20th Century Fox's sci-fi thriller offer a strong nod to Ridley Scott's Alien.

B. Alan Orange

Comic-Con 2011 Recap: 158 Exclusive Interviews, 135 Stories, and 308 Videos

Check out the hottest celebrity interviews, headlines and media from the year's most fan worthy convention.

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Second Prometheus Photo!

The second image features a helicopter hovering over a strange landscape.

Cat Parker

SDCC 2011: First Prometheus Photo!

Take a look at the first official photo from Ridley Scott's Alien spin-off.

B. Alan Orange