Puss in Boots (2011)

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Puss in Boots 5-Minute Sneak Peek

Antonio Banderas introduces this extended look at the animated spin-off from DreamWorks Animation, opening Friday, October 28th.

Third Puss in Boots Trailer

Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek lend their voices to this animated Shrek spin-off from DreamWorks Animation.

Second Puss in Boots Clip

Salma Hayek's Kitty Softpaws antagonizes Antonio Banderas' title character in this scene from the DreamWorks Animation spin-off.

Puss in Boots Motion Poster

Watch Antonio Banderas' title character chase a beam of light in anticipation of this DreamWorks Animation spin-off.

Second Puss in Boots Trailer

Antonio Banderas voices his popular Shrek character in this new DreamWorks Animation spin-off adventure.

Second Puss in Boots Poster

Antonio Banderas reprises his animated alter ego in this new DreamWorks Animation comedy, which also stars Salma Hayek and Billy Bob Thornton.

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