Real Steel

Third Real Steel Clip

Hugh Jackman tries to find a fight for Noisy Boy in this scene from Shawn Levy's robot boxing drama.

SET VISIT: Real Steel - Part 2

Star Hugh Jackman gives us more details about his character, Charlie Denton, and we speak with production designer Tom Meyer and visual effects artist Jason Matthews.

SET VISIT: Real Steel - Part 1

We speak with star Hugh Jackman and director Shawn Levy on the Detroit set of this DreamWorks adventure about the intriguing world of robot boxing.

Real Steel Toys Reveal New Robots

Noisey Boy, Zeus, Midas, Atom, Twin Cities, Six Shooter, Ambush, and Metro are among the robots available in a new toy line from Entertainment Earth.

Second Real Steel Trailer

Hugh Jackman stars as a former boxer who gets into the popular sport of robot boxing in this DreamWorks tale from director Shawn Levy.

Real Steel 2 in Development

Screenwriter John Gatins will return to write the follow-up to Hugh Jackman's robot boxing adventure, which hits theaters on October 7.

Two Real Steel Clips

A pair of videos and photos have been uncovered from the new viral site of the movie's World Robot Boxing league, starring Hugh Jackman.

Real Steel Trailer!

Hugh Jackman stars as an ex-boxer who takes on the popular sport of robot boxing in Shawn Levy's upcoming thriller.