Saw III (2006)

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October 27th, 2006
  • Leigh Whannell
  • James Wan
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Saw III: Director's Cut Grinds Its Way to DVD October 23

Also, Lionsgate to bring out the Saw Trilogy "in a limited edition 3-D Puppet Head Box."

Evan Jacobs

Lionsgate Dominates the Charts for Last Week

Studio has 4 titles in the Top 7 DVD releases.

Evan Jacobs

Saw III Slices Up the Charts!

Horror title is No. 1 in both DVD sales and rentals.

Evan Jacobs

More Saw III DVD Details!

Disc to contain three commentary tracks, a bunch of featurettes and deleted scenes.

Evan Jacobs

Saw III DVD Details

Lionsgate will release the scarefest on January 23.

AN OPEN LETTER: To James Wan, Leigh Whannel and Darren Lynn Bousman from the Saw Franchise

Reaching out to Hollywood, one column at a time - by Brian Gallagher

Brian Gallagher

Saw III Makes $14.4 Million Debut

Scaring up $34.3 million for the third installment of the horror series.

EXCLUSIVE: Saw III's Director Darren Lynn Bousman

The beauty of death, and Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan in Saw IV?

EXCLUSIVE: Leigh Whannell On Writing Saw III

Could this this be the end of the franchise? He answers the rumors.

EXCLUSIVE: Jigsaw's Assistant Talks Saw III!

Actress Shawnee Smith comes back for the third installment of the horror series.

EXCLUSIVE: Go Behind The Mask of Jigsaw With Saw III's Tobin Bell!

Talking Jigsaw, laying on a bed all day, and the World Series!

New Saw III Poster!

Get a look at Jigsaw!

Brian B.

Limited Edition Saw III Posters Made With Tobin Bell's Blood

1,000 prints using red ink mixed with the blood of the actor that plays Jigsaw.

Final Saw III Trailer Online

Jigsaw returns to the big screen on October 27.

Second Saw III Trailer Online

The adventures of Jigsaw continue October 27, 2006.

Lionsgate Says No Saw III Preview with Crank

The footage to now premiere online!

Brian B.

Saw III Sneak Peek Running with Crank September 1st

Get your first look at Jigsaw in the new film a month and a half before the film's release!

Brian B.

Your First Look at the Saw III Halloween Bloodrive Posters

The nurses are waiting for you...

Brian B.

The Saw III Trailer Goes Online

Get a glimpse at the upcoming horror sequel.

Brian B.

First Look at the New Saw III Poster!

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