Shark Tale (2004)

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  • 35%
Release Date
October 1st, 2004
  • Michael J. Wilson
  • Rob Letterman
  • Scott Aukerman
  • BJ Porter
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Latest 'Shark Tale' News

Shark Tale's video release moves past it's theatrical numbers

$80 million vs. $56 million

Brian B.

Shark Tale to get big video push

...coming to disc February 8th

Brian B.

SOJU AFTER MOVIE #18: The Passion of the Snyder!

Listen to the Healing Powers of the Snyder, and guarantee yourself a seat in Heaven!

B. Alan Orange

Shark Tale sinks it's teeth into this weekend's box office the top of the food chain the 2nd week in a row

Brian B.

Shark Tale remains box office king

...bringing in an estimated $31.7 million

Brian B.

Shark Tale takes a bite out of the weekend box office

...with $49 million

Brian B.

Angelina Jolie talks Shark Tale

...voicing Dreamwork’s Shark Tale

Brian B.

Your first look at Shark Tale!

...the new animated film from DreamWorks

Brian B.

SHARK TALE 2 and SHREK 3 in the works

...confirmation from DreamWorks

Brian B.

Dreamworks 2004 preview images online!

Take a look at Shrek 2, Shark Tale, and Terminal!

Brian B.