Latest 'Spider-man 4' News

Bruce Campbell to Have a Bigger Role in Spider-Man 4?

The actor has been told he has a "major part."

Evan Jacobs

James Vanderbilt to Pen Spider-Man 5 and Spider-Man 6!

Regardless of who directs or stars in the films, Sony wants to have these projects developed.

Evan Jacobs

Gary Ross to Rewrite Spider-Man 4

The Seabiscuit director is taking a crack at the new sequel's script.

Brian Gallagher

Kirsten Dunst Definitely Back for Spider-man 4

Producer Todd Black talks about the next installment and reveals some new details about the next villain.

Brian B.

Spider-man Vs. Vampires in Spider-man 4?

Sam Raimi dishes on a recent Morbius scoop floating around.

Brian B.

Will Kirsten Dunst Return for Spider-Man 4?

Director Sam Raimi seemed uncertain on whether she would come back or not.

Brian Gallagher

Will Spider-Man 4 Swing Into Theaters in 3D?

Sony executives say 3D technology is a possibility for the sequel.

Brian Gallagher

Sam Raimi and Kirsten Dunst Will Meet to Discuss Spider-Man 4

The director of the franchise will have a sit down talk to figure out her role in the fourth Spider-Man film.

Spider-Man 4 Script Ready by Summer 2009

Director Sam Raimi speaks about where the production is currently standing at.

Sam Raimi Talks Spider-Man 4 and Evil Dead Remake

Raimi talks about his latest projects and the rumors surrounding them.

Cat Parker

Marvel Updates Film Release Schedule

Thor and The Avengers will each be delayed a year, while Spider-Man 4 gets a firm release date.

Sam Raimi Might Film Spider-Man 4 in Michigan

The director may come back to his home state to film some scenes in the sequel.

Brian Gallagher

J.K. Simmons Returns for Spider-Man 4

Director Sam Raimi's fourth installment begins production March of 2010.

Cat Parker

David Lindsay-Abaire to Write Spider-Man 4?

Pulitzer Prize winning playwright is said to be in serious negotiations for the job.

Evan Jacobs

Best Rumor Stories of 2008 Featuring The Dark Knight & G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra!

We've culled together the best unpublished rumor stories of recent months.

B. Alan Orange

Sam Raimi Dishes on Spider-Man 4

The director of the popular series talks about Kirsten Dunst and new villains.

Brian Gallagher

Kirsten Dunst Set for Spider-Man 4 and 5

Joining director Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire in the next two webbed installments.

Cat Parker

Tobey Maguire Makes Unprecedented Deal for Spider-Man 4 & 5

The man behind the webs gets $50 Million for the films, and time off to spend with his daughter.

Sony Signs Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire for Spider-Man 4 & 5

The film will not be following the trend to 'go dark'. Meanwhile Venom is getting his own sequel.

Do You Want the Spider-Man 4 VIP Treatment from Sony and Stand Up to Cancer?

The highest bidder gets a set visit, a role as an extra, and a ticket for two to the premier.

B. Alan Orange