Stolen (2012)

Stolen Poster
Release Date
September 14th, 2012
  • David Guggenheim
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Stolen Trailer Starring Nicolas Cage

This intense action-thriller centers on a thief who has just 12 hours to produce the $10 million ransom for his kidnapped daughter.

Brian Gallagher

Stolen Poster with Nicolas Cage

We also have six photos from this upcoming thriller about a man in search of his kidnapped daughter.

B. Alan Orange

Medallion Adds Danny Huston

Nicolas Cage and Malin Akerman star in this thriller about a man trying to find his kidnapped daughter.

Brian Gallagher

Malin Akerman Joins Medallion

Nicolas Cage stars in Simon West's thriller about a thief who only has a few hours to find his kidnapped daughter in the trunk of a New York taxi.

Brian Gallagher

Nicolas Cage Set for Medallion

Simon West directs this tense thriller about a thief trying to rescue his daughter from kidnappers.

Brian Gallagher