Team America: World Police (2004)

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Release Date
October 15th, 2004
  • Trey Parker
  • Matt Stone
  • Pam Brady
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Paramount Cancels Team America Screenings

Paramount Cancels Team America Screenings

Paramount has pulled the plug on several Team America: World Police screenings, which were to take the place of Sony's The Interview.

Brian Gallagher

Team America tops White Noise

Taking the #1 slot in the first-week face-off.

Brian B.

SOJU AFTER MOVIE 2: Don Jonson...In Da House!

Don Johnson visits the Soju base for an exclusive Interview, a case of beer, and some Bar-B-Que!

B. Alan Orange

Puppet Sex Rules in Team America

Matt Stone and Trey Parker talk about the film!

Killing Celebrities in Team America

Penn, Robbins, Sarandon and others die in marionette mayhem...

Team America: World Police earns an 'R' rating

...blame it on the puppet sex

Brian B.

CONTEST: Win prizes from Team America: World Police!

...coming to theaters October 15th!

Brian B.

Paramount sneak previews Team America: World Police on October 9th! 800 theaters across North America

Brian B.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone talk Team America: World Police

...the upcoming marionette comedy

Brian B.

Team America: World Police dodges NC-17 rating

...the "South Park" creators serve up some raunchy puppeteering...

Brian B.

First look at Team America: World Police online

...marionette superheroes fight to end terrorism and put tired celebrities out of their misery

Brian B.