Teeth (2008)

Teeth Poster
    Release Date
    January 18th, 2008
    • Mitchell Lichtenstein
    • Mitchell Lichtenstein
    • Jess Weixler
    • John Hensley
    • Josh Pais
    • Hale Appleman
    • Lenny von Dohlen
    • Vivienne Benesch
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    We acknowledge the moments that made this year's Box Office worth visiting!

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    Teeth Chews It Up on DVD on May 6th

    This festival favorite revolves around a girl with teeth... where they shouldn't be.

    Brian Gallagher

    EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Jess Weixler and John Hensley Bare Their Teeth

    The cast chatters away about the myths of vagina dentata.

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    Watch the First Five Minutes of Teeth

    See the gruesome vagina dentata footage right now.

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